Hungry Shark Evolution Update 8.30 – New Sharks, Prey & More

Hungry Shark Evolution has been phenomenal ever since it was released in 2012. Published by Ubisoft Entertainment, this arcade game lets you play as a Shark that can gobble up anything under the sea. The game begins with the Shark falling into the water. As mentioned, the goal is very simple—to eat and survive for as long as possible. As your Shark eats creatures in the deep, it grows and earns points that can be later exchanged for several items and upgrades.

Hungry Shark Evolution also has mini-games for those who want to have a break from the usual Shark frenzy attack. You can toss beach balls in these mini-games and try not to let the ball hit the water. Long-time players of the game, however, have something new to look forward to in Hungry Shark Evolution. The game received a new update, version 8.30, which adds new exciting stuff to the gameplay. Let’s find out more about these additions below:

Hungry Shark Evolution Version 8.30

If you have played Hungry Shark Evolution before, you must have encountered the Shark Week in-game integration that featured different kinds of Sharks. This feature was made possible through a partnership with Discovery Channel. Version 8.30 also brings new kinds of Sharks into the fold!

Hungry Shark Evolution version 8.30 was first rolled out on February 1, 2021, and there are new live events and rewards that you can earn after successfully finishing every quest. There is also a new volcanic mini-level for your Shark to journey through!

As mentioned, there are new baby Sharks that are joining the team. These are Baby Lumi and Zephyr Baby. Special gadgets, like the Jetpack, are now also available so your Shark can swim strongly around the deep ocean despite hazardous chemicals and obstacles. Baby Sharks and gadgets can help prolong your life at every level. Therefore, they could come in very handy while you are playing the game.

Hungry Shark Evolution new sharks

Image Source: The GAMES

New Sharks To Unlock

Aside from Baby Sharks, there are new kinds of Sharks to unlock in Hungry Shark Evolution. Each type has special abilities too, check them all out below:

  • Luminite: This Shark is very destructive. It has a horned head and very lethal abilities.
  • Electro Shark: True to its name, this Shark has an electroshock power which can be very terrifying for other sea creatures. Electro Sharks also grow fast in the game.
  • Ice Shark: Its superpower is the super freeze breath. The Ice Shark is believed to be found in the moon Europa.
  • Robo Shark: This robot-like shark has one mean superpower—it can turn all mines into missiles. It uses the latest technology with its built-in jet thrusters.
  • Pyro Shark: The Pyro Shark comes from deep volcanoes and can burn everything that crosses its path. Its superpower combination is the dragon breath, flight, and meteor storm.
  • Natasha The Narwhal: If you want a more athletic shark, Natasha is the perfect one for the job. It can throw javelins and even catch prey with its pointy tusk.
  • Ghost Shark: A Shark that goes past walls, the Ghost Shark is the only type with the power of invincibility.
  • Sharkeleon: A shark that mimics its surroundings, the Sharkeleon is a true copycat that can also absorb the Pyro, Electric, and Ice abilities.
  • Wereshark: This creepy Shark has hyper speed and moon rush special powers. It also has heightened senses during night time, making it easy for you to catch prey despite a dark environment.


Hungry Shark Evolution new boss

Image Source: Henznac Gaming

New Mini-Boss & Prey

Hungry Shark Evolution version 8.30 also adds a new mini-boss and a lot of new prey to hunt and eat in the game. The new mini-boss is Seal Mum or Seal Mama. Once your Shark gobbles 6 or more tropical Seal babies, the Seal Mum will spawn.

There are also new kinds of prey to hunt! This includes surfers, Electric Eels, Mahi-Mahi, and some cool Hula dancers if you go up the shore. 15 more sunken objects are up for grabs, and these provide bonus prizes for your Shark. Aside from that, there is also a Shark-worshipping tribe that will honor and praise you as their Shark God! Experience all these new deep-sea adventures when you play the updated version of Hungry Shark Evolution today!