Hungry Shark Evolution: The Apex Predator Invaders

Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the most fun arcade games to hit the PC platform! It’s a simple yet beautifully crafted title that can keep you hooked for hours! You take control of the sea’s apex predator with an insatiable hunger. Your task is to feast on your fellow underwater creatures or the unsuspecting denizens of the land. As you continue to chomp down on various meals, you’ll grow larger. Your growth also affects your ability to gobble up larger and tougher prey. You only have one single life goal– to eat everything within your line of sight.

Originally created by Future Games of London in 2012, Hungry Shark Evolution first made its waves as an arcade game for portable platforms. Then it was later published by Ubisoft Entertainment when they acquired Future Games of London in 2013. Since then, the free-to-play arcade game has been downloaded 7 million times, and have received favorable responses from the general audience. Hungry Shark Evolution came out as an offline game meaning you won’t need to connect online to play it. It also offers a wide variety of features and core elements that make it a great and engaging arcade title.

Into The Belly of A Hungry Shark

The game features a 3D ocean environment littered with fishes and other underwater creatures. Your predatory instincts as a shark command you to eat them all without hesitation. As you chomp down every single living being, you’ll eventually grow in size. The bigger you are, the larger your prey can be. You can also rise above the sea and feast on unsuspecting humans bold enough to swim into your feeding grounds. The game’s beautiful animation and sound design will truly make you feel every bone crunch as you chew them down.

Hungry Shark Evolution PC

Hungry Shark Evolutions lets you choose from a variety of sharks. You can choose to play as the mighty Great White or the legendary Megalodon. Each avatar has a unique size, shape, strengths, and weaknesses. You can unlock them by spending coins or gems– whichever one you see fit. In fact, you can also play as other predators of the sea like the mighty Kraken or a Narwhal. Then dress them up in cool accessories and gear! You can also upgrade them to make them more powerful than they already are! You can collect coins to purchase items and upgrades.

Then get ready to explore the vast ocean world in search of food! Be warned as other dangers lurk in the sea too. Aside from the usual predators like yourself, there are mutant giant crabs, man-made submarines, and industrial wastes! It’s going to be a fight for survival the longer you play, and the bigger you get.

Use your purchased upgrades and gear to even the playing field. Moreover, you can show off your high scores in the online leaderboards! See how you fare against other Apex predators! This game constantly receives updates to keep players engaged. In fact, one of the newest additions is the Shark Invaders update!

Hungry Shark Evolution Invaders


Chomp The Meaty Flesh of The Shark Invaders

The newest and most exciting update to Hungry Shark Evolution was released in September 2020. Shark Invaders are mind-controlled predators that found themselves in your territorial waters. It’s a semi-online feature where you get to face off against other players’ shark avatars. It adds more excitement and challenge as you make your way to the top of the food chain. The invaders are AI-controlled but they retain the appearance and level of their user. So prepare yourself as there are going to be bigger and meaner enemies in the ocean.

The behavior of the mind-controlled sharks depends on your size and level. Simply put, smaller invaders will run away from you, but larger ones will put up a fight. If the going gets tough, you can always swim away and fight another day.

There are three challenge modes in the Shark Invaders update. The Sharkeater, Nemesis, and Massacre. The first one asks you to eliminate all the invaders in your area. The Nemesis challenge will ask you to chase a specific target. Last, but not least is the Massacre. It dares you to kill invaders consecutively in a chain streak. If you can successfully complete them, you’ll earn coins as rewards.

Playing the Shark Invaders update can be quite exciting but equally challenging. It’s worth a shot especially since you’ll win massive rewards. However, simply diving into the fray may end in your untimely demise. It’s better to know how the game works first before you start playing. Get a hang of the controls and explore the world. You can defeat bosses to level up and purchase some neat upgrades. Then when you’re ready to become the Apex predator, you can bear your teeth against the Shark Invaders!