Hungry Shark Evolution: Know All The 15 Types of Sharks

hungry shark evolution cover

Playing Hungry Shark Evolution on your PC is so much fun. Every bite of your chosen shark can be felt as you hear the screams of the humans and seagulls you prey on. Being a ferocious Shark is quite thrilling, isn’t it?




Well, it may sound savage, but that’s just how Sharks hunt. They put their eyes on the prize and feed on like there’s no tomorrow. As a human, you should never go near a hungry Shark because it might be the end of you, right? But since you are a Shark in this game, you must hunt like there’s no tomorrow because it’s the only way for you to progress.


All 15 Types of Shark in Hungry Shark Evolution

Your success in this game will depend on how you can maximize the abilities of your Shark to get more points and food. And the first step is to know each type of Shark and their special abilities. So here’s a comprehensive list of all the Shark species that you can unlock and use in Hungry Shark Evolution:

  1. Reef Shark – Reef Sharks can live on a small diet, and its health drain is the slowest. Therefore, it can stay alive for a longer period.
  2. Mako Shark – Its health is not that great, but it is faster and more powerful compared to the Reef Shark.
  3. Hammerhead Shark – Hammerheads are known to have a better boost than the two previous Sharks, this one lives on a medium diet.
  4. Tiger Shark – Bring in those dangerous prey and he will do the rest. This species can go very deep into the abyss, and it has great health too.
  5. Great White Shark – This species is one of the best and most efficient of all Sharks in the game.
  6. Megalodon – This huge and enormous shark can eat Jellyfish and bump on large mines without hurting itself.
  7. Big Daddy – This ultra-powerful Shark can eat ultra mines and even use its tongue to pull nearby prey.
  8. Mr. Snappy – This is a very fast shark whose health bar is hard to bring down. Mr. Snappy is one of the strongest and wittiest Sharks in the game, and he eats just about anything! He is not picky.
  9. Alan (the Destroyer of Worlds) – Alan is also known as the 5th strongest Shark in the game. His health bar is hard to bring down and it can use its enormous tail to stun and paralyze prey.
  10. Moby Dick – This classic species has a blowhole to practically stun any prey that’s nearby. Moby Dick is one of the most expensive and deadliest Sharks in the game.
  11. Leo or Liopleurodon – It is true that Sharks don’t only eat their prey, but they also destroy other hard objects that come their way. Leo can wreck rocks and submarines, and even vacuum their prey as an additional scare tactic.
  12. Plesiosaur or Nessie – Watch out for this super hungry species as he escapes from Loch Ness! Nessie is an expensive Shark to get. Players can only unlock it with 500,000 coins and 900 gems.
  13. Kaiju Shark or Sharkjira – This Shark is famous for its atomic breath and it can rip and eat its food with no mercy at all.
  14. Abysshark or Shark From the Deep – Known as one of the scariest Sharks in the game, this one can gobble up anything that’s nearby and can even control ocean waves to outwit approaching enemies.
  15. Kraken – Last but not the least is the Kraken. This is perhaps the most obnoxious and powerful Shark in the game. It has strong drills and tentacles that can be used for hunting.

Now that you know your Sharks, which one could be the most effective one for you? Which is your favorite? Well, you will never really know until you play Hungry Shark Evolution! Just click on our download button or the “PLAY FOR FREE” button if you want to enjoy it right now on your PC.