Hungry Shark Evolution: How to Hunt Like A Pro

Hungry shark hunt like a pro

Playing Hungry Shark Evolution seems easy after learning its objectives. While it may seem that you are on the top of the food chain, each level is packed with obstacles and lethal sea creatures that could slow you down. There are also man-made toxins and missiles which may put an end to your hunt.

As you start off being a small Reef Shark, you will be vulnerable to most obstacles on every level. However, you won’t be a small predator for long. Later on, you could evolve into a Mako Shark and finally grow into a Megalodon on the last few levels.

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If you are in luck, you might unlock the Mosasaurus in your next session! Surviving a level means you did not hit a mine or get in touch with some toxic wastes. But as you level up, the obstacles get more difficult. Even if you are a ferocious Shark, some sea creatures would also be toxic and lethal for you! To avoid common pitfalls that will end your feeding frenzy in this game, just take note of the following tips.

Let the Baby Sharks In

This may sound weird but in Hungry Shark Evolution, tiny baby Sharks play a great role for your main Shark. Baby Sharks usually come and swim beside you. They help eat leftover food from your frenzy. There is a baby Shark for every species you use, but to unlock them, you need either gems or coins to do so.

  • Baby Reef Shark: needs 1000 coins and 5 stamina
  • Baby Mako Shark: needs 20 gems and 10 stamina
  • Baby Hammerhead Shark: needs 60 gems and 15 stamina
  • Baby Tiger Shark: needs 130 gems and 20 stamina
  • Baby Great White Shark: needs 300 gems and 25 stamina
  • Baby Megalodon Shark: needs 900 gems and 30 stamina

Gold Rush for the Win

When you have already started playing Hungry Shark Evolution, you may probably know what Gold Rush is all about. When this is activated, just go on fast and gobble every food that comes your way! To score more food, check out the bottom right of the entire section of every level on the map. There are a lot of blobs, anglerfishes, and gulpers around to chomp on and add to your points. For every type of shark you have, the duration of the Gold Rush is also different. But whenever you can, purchase some accessories from the shop to extend the duration of your Gold Rush!