About Hungry Shark Evolution: An Exciting Arcade Frenzy Game

Have you ever wondered how life would be if you were a Shark? Sharks are one of the reasons why people hate swimming in the open ocean. These sea giants are horrifying to swim with in the water. As a human, it’s terrifying to be even near a Shark. But in this popular game, Hungry Shark Evolution, you get to experience how it is to go on a feeding frenzy—as a ferocious Shark!


hungry shark evolution cover


Hungry Shark Evolution is a hunting arcade game that allows you to play as a Shark. You start as a small Reef Shark and eat your way across levels and several obstacles. The objective of the game is very simple, but your aquatic fate depends on how you deal with each level.

3D Graphics & Cool Sounds

What makes Hungry Shark Evolution very appealing are its visuals and sound effects. Everything is in 3D so it really feels like you are underwater. As you chomp on food, you will hear the sounds of a satisfying “crunch”! Life as a predator Shark sounds so cool and freeing, right?

Unlock Different Sharks

This arcade game gets better every time you succeed a level. That’s because you get to unlock a stronger and smarter Sark each time you progress until you reach the most ferocious one—the Megalodon! Each species has different attacks and techniques in hunting, so you have to learn and adjust with your Shark along the way. Each shark also has a special skill to avoid enemies, rockets, mines, and missiles. So make sure you choose the right species that can withstand any major obstacle at a certain level!